A Wonderful Learning Experience

  Conference/board room solutions provide reliability and flexibility to control the entire room with the press of one button. When a transition needs to take place in a conference room such as dimming the lights, lowering a screen and powering up the projector, the presenter just need to touch a button which will create necessary environment.

Smart Conference Rooms Enhance Productivity

 A fully integrated conference room allows for meetings to start on time, technology to work as expected, and employees to focus their energy on the task at hand. With an integrated network, conference calls, meetings, presentations, confidential reviews and more can be run smoothly and effectively.
Technology for Enhanced Education

Projection Screen

  Deciding which display for your conference room system setup comes down to a matter of available space and personal preference.Based on size of conference room a projector,TV or video wall arrangement is done and the screen resolution major preferred are 720p,1080p,2K and 4K.

Interactive Display Systems

 Commercial and professional interactive display systems helps you communicate, collaborate and disseminate information brilliantly.The interactive display is much more than just an electronic whiteboard or a consumer TV. It’s a touch screen whiteboard that allows several people to write on the same screen at the same time with stylus pens or fingers. 

Presentation Systems

  Displaying a wired or wireless presentation is as easy as selecting an input source. Crestron employs cutting-edge technology that requires just one cable or a wireless link to the presentation device to connect the source to the display.

 Video Switcher and Presentation system

  Crestron system gives you full control over video sources and screens throughout the campus. Featuring 4K scaling and high-resolution streaming video, Crestron delivers dynamic video systems with a user-friendly control interface.

Collaboration Tools

  Crestron provides out-of-the-box, scalable videoconferencing solutions to suit every need.

Enterprise Management System

  Centralizing management, monitoring, and control is easy with a Crestron Enterprise Management System. Remotely troubleshoot systems, turn off lights for energy efficiency, and much more on one easy-to-use platform.


  Crestron audio systems feature simple source control and distribution. High-resolution audio and high-definition speakers deliver a robust audio experience in any or many classrooms, lecture halls, and common spaces.

Touch Screens

  Specially designed room scheduling touch screens optimize room booking and usage across your campus. Book an ad hoc meeting, remove a lecture that ended early from the calendar, and set up office hours on a recurring weekly schedule – all from the touch screen’s intuitive interface.