“Our Little Story”

 Till last decade, the technology and its knowledge was accessible to only to minimum segment of human population. Especially people on the west had better access to them. But the digital era opened the door to most of human habitation to have access to most of the worldly knowledge. Now a person can use an internet tool on a mobile device and enhance his experience of life.
  To be straight forward, after many years of corporate experiences we realized that all technologies are reaching a point where it is has to become unified to complement every human activity. So we identified the automation is the right platform to add social values and started working.
 “We Bharath Automation work towards bringing premium user experience in every space of human living.”
    In aligning to the statement,we offer solutions for residential and commercial spaces by partnering with industry leading products like Crestron,Schneider,KNX. A team of passionate engineering professionals with more than 15 Years of Experience in various fields of automation and product development working together to bring you sensible solution to every automation requirement.We plan,design,integrate and maintain new or existing automation.We cater retrofit and customized solutions for every residential and commercial needs.