“Security and safety systems”

In building safety and security management, the focus has shifted toward preemptive security and safety measures.When you identify the risks, you will be better equipped against them. Versatile services and well-functioning systems contribute to a high level of security and safety. We provide security and safety solutions to ensure good overall security and safety management. 


Our offering

  • CCTV monitoring systems
  • Access control systems
  • Perimeter protection
  • Door and gate phones
  • Intrusion detection system
  • Smoke exhaust systems
  • Fire detection systems
  • Biometric and Time tracking
  • Visitor management systems
  • Glass break detection system
  • Movement Monitoring system for unauthorized entry

“Custom Built Smart Security Apps”

A custom built integrated security apps from bharath automation helps you to control and manage your whole environment from anywhere.
Using the app user can,
  • Check the status of your system
  • Arm or disarm the security
  • Easily add, delete, and manage users
  • Receive event notifications & alerts
  • Check system history
  • Manage multiple systems from a single login
  • Create favorites

“Take Care”

Good and regular maintenance ensures that the security and safety systems of a building or facility operate as they should. In security and safety matters, one must be sure that the systems are operational and that they can be monitored.