“Guest Room Management System”

  The Guest Room Automation System enables hotel owners to provide their guests the convenience of controlling multiple functions in their room including lighting, temperature, drapes and audio/video systems using automated interfaces.At the same time automation also addresses typical operational concerns of various functional departments including front office, room sales/marketing, housekeeping, engineering and security..

Smart Lighting 

  Wired/Wireless Switching,Dimming ,DALI based systems which interacts with variety of sensing elements and User Interfaces.The ultimate in multi-station controls is a central lighting system. Based on commercial lighting systems, these are sophisticated, microprocessor controls. Made by several major manufacturers, they let you monitor and control many different switches and dimmers throughout the space from a central control panel. 
At a glance, you can tell which lights are on, and, with the touch of a single button, you can turn all of the lights on or off.

Climate Control

A row of air conditioning units on rooftop with blue sky
  Building automation systems control various components within a building’s structure, such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning and security alarms. The primary goal of this type of infrastructure is to improve system efficiency, reduce costs and increase safety.
The benefits to having automated controls to manage HVAC systems are obvious from an efficiency standpoint. Much of the waste that happens in HVAC comes when a unit is running hard to heat or cool a space that no one is in.

Motorized Screen Control

commecial motorized shade
  With motorized window screens or curtains, a larger space can be easily adjust the amount of daylight in your space to increase comfort, save energy, and protect interiors. Automated shading and drapery transforms harsh glare into soft pleasing light, enhances privacy while preserving exterior views, reduces solar heat gain. 
  The ability to transform daytime into nighttime for theatric presentations worthy of cinematic ambiance can make all the difference in communicating your message to an enthusiastic audience with the simple touch of a button.

 Audio & Video Conferencing

  Grow your business no matter where your people are around the world. Our Audio and Web Conferencing Solutions let them connect, communicate, collaborate, and be more productive.
Organizations have realized the benefit that face-to-face online interaction brings to their business operations. In response, Customers are looking for conferencing solutions to help them meet their needs while staying within budget.
Among available hardware and software solutions deciding a best solution that fits your need and getting them through simple clicks to benefit is the key.

Individual Room Solutions 

commercial Conference
Productivity for important rooms such as a conference room, boardroom,auditorium,training room or executive office is increased when all the smart technology and subsystems work together with commercial automation and simple control. When presenting to clients from a laptop, pressing a single “Presentation” button dims lights, lowers blackout shades, turns on video display, and audio. By integrating everything in a room from audio, video, lights, shades and networking you have complete and easy control from a single touch screen, keypad, remote or mobile device. No more complex manual operations in such rooms which needs expert presence all the time.
  Similar solutions can be extended to any kind of rooms which needs multiple devices to be controlled with single touch to arrange the room for particular purpose.

Distributed Audio

  Over the last several years, multi-room distributed audio has gone from an expensive fantasy to an affordable reality for everyone.Studies have shown that music can make us more productive and reduce stress. Music is also immensely effective for creating a desired atmosphere, ambiance or make important announcement.
  You can easily access online music services, Internet radio or your own digital music library at the touch of a button. Changing what plays where and adjusting volume is a simple process that can be achieved from any control panel on the system. 
The integrated music applications are available for variety of user devices such as android iOS/android mobile/tablet and also through web services

Intuitive User Interface

Control Elements
  Every solution is designed with very appealing User Interface to meet people from all walks of life and also the software applications are developed for  different platforms in such a way user enjoys the elegance,uniformity and simplicity.
  Voice assitant’s like Google Home ,Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri are seamlessly being integrated to enrich your experience.
  With enhanced remote programming, the remotes that work so seamlessly, they virtually function by themselves. Think every button programmed, for every residential feature. And if you require customized solutions,the default programming is easily modified, giving the customer the ultimate in tailored automation technology.

Distributed Video

commecial multiroom video
  Distributed video allows a single video source, like a satellite receiver or Blu-ray player, to be shared between multiple display devices like TV,Projector & video walls .
  The video switcher devices are used to switch the input sources across output devices.same source can be share among multiple output devices Commercial spaces like Corporate companies,Hotels,Malls,Restaurant, GYM, Sports, Individual homes, Apartments and Industries need such distributed video system to train,market and entertain a larger audience.
The distributed video saves cost and provides easy maintenance.

Interactive Display systems

 Commercial and professional interactive display systems helps you communicate, collaborate and disseminate information brilliantly.The interactive display is much more than just an electronic whiteboard or a consumer TV. It’s a touch screen whiteboard that allows several people to write on the same screen at the same time with stylus pens or fingers. 
  From the office boardroom, to the conference room, video conferencing, a training session, a classroom to a lecture hall,the Interactive white Board can motivate your audience and give your message the impact it deserves.For all this system automation makes learning enjoyable.

Security & Safety

Commercial Security
 An easily manageable security system which offers tight security at an affordable price for a larger space is the need for an commercial environment.
Securing the entire building is critical but there are also rooms within the building that need extra security.Computer server rooms and places where critical documents and files are stored need extra security. At the same time installing too much security equipments also increases complexity in maintaining the system. 
So we offer professional solutions which is great value for money.

 Access control and Attendance management

commercial access_management
  All organizations need to protect their physical and IP assets along with ensuring the safety of their employees by controlling movement of people with pre-defined rules. We provide comprehensive and flexible Access Control solution that has been specifically designed to meet the access control needs of any organization, irrespective of its size, layout, locations and timings. 
  Access Control solution allows organization to control access on three dimensions simultaneously – user, zone and time, by answering the three fundamental questions – who, where and when. Smart Card based Identification ensure foolproof security of physical assets and safety of manpower.

Energy monitoring & Control

energy monitoring1
 Only continuous logging and evaluation of energy consumption data enable you to identify energy savings potential and to assess the success of optimization measures. Reliable information about the quality of building energy consumption can be obtained by paying special attention to external influencing factors and by making comparisons with defined energy budget. Individual space/room based data and equipment wise consumption data would help the user to efficiently handle their investments.
Real time monitoring of your energy use and the activity through our iOS, Android, and web apps are possible.


“Perfectly balance sun light, room light, and room temperature to provide a comfortable work environment and energy efficient buildings.”