Smart Classroom

  “Understanding a Smart Classroom”

 Smart classrooms are the classrooms enhanced with technological equipments for the purpose of better learning and teaching. 
Based on the equipments available smart classrooms can be categorized as follows:
Basic smart classes: The classrooms with basic smart technology include gadgets like laptops or computers, projector, DVD or VCD player and a viewing screen etc.
Intermediate smart classes: The intermediate smart classrooms are one step ahead of the basic technology smart classrooms. They include gadgets like a smart podium with control panel in addition to laptop, projector, screen and DVD or VCD player etc.
Advanced smart classes: The advanced smart classrooms have all the gadgets of a basic or intermediate smart classroom but their features are very advanced, that is, they use the newest technology.


“What a  smart classroom has?”

Computer or laptop: A computer or laptop is a basic and necessary requirement of a smart classroom. Instead of writing on board with a chalk or marker, teaching process is done by presentation or images or multimedia in a smart class room.
Projector: it is an optical device. It projects stationery or moving objects onto a screen. They create an image by shining light through a transparent less or by a laser.
Screen: It is a surface used to display the images projected by a projector. The screens may be rigid wall mounted screens, pull down screens,fixed frame screens, electrical screens, switchable projection screens, or mobile screens.
Microphone: it is generally called as mic or mike. It is a device which converts audio signals into electrical signals. These signals are then transmitted, amplified or recorded.
 Amplifier and Spearkers:These are the electronic devices which are used to increase the volume of a sound.
Podiums: it is a platform usually made of wood which raises the person standing on it so that he becomes visual to all the audience.
Document camera: They are also called as visual presenters, visualizers, digital overheads or docu cams. They are used for displaying an object to a large audience. A document camera magnifies and projects the images of a two dimensional as well as a three dimensional object. The object is simply placed under the document camera. The camera takes its image and produces its live image by using a projector.
Smart Podiums: They are also called smart boards or smart LCDs. It is an interactive pen display which can be connected to the computer or laptop externally via the USB port or RGB ports. It can be called as an external monitor with the facility of digital inking. With a smart podium, we can open
documents, presentations, multimedia files and can write on them with a digital pen. We can also save our work.
DVD or VCD player: There are a large amount of videos available on the internet but still there is a requirement of VCD or DVD player because there are some videos which have copyright and have to be purchased. These are often in the form of DVDs or CDs.
Overhead projector: It is a device which is used to display enlarged images of a transparent acetate sheet placed on its base on a screen. This device was very famous a few years back, but now it is being replaced by computer based projectors.
Technology for Enhanced Education

Projection/TV/Video Wall

  Deciding which display for your conference room system setup comes down to a matter of available space and personal preference.Based on size of conference room a projector,TV or video wall arrangement is done and the screen resolution major preferred are 720p,1080p,2K and 4K.

Interactive Display Systems

 Commercial and professional interactive display systems helps you communicate, collaborate and disseminate information brilliantly.The interactive display is much more than just an electronic whiteboard or a consumer TV. It’s a touch screen whiteboard that allows several people to write on the same screen at the same time with stylus pens or fingers. 

Presentation Systems

  Displaying a wired or wireless presentation is as easy as selecting an input source. Crestron employs cutting-edge technology that requires just one cable or a wireless link to the presentation device to connect the source to the display.


  Crestron system gives you full control over video sources and screens throughout the campus. Featuring 4K scaling and high-resolution streaming video, Crestron delivers dynamic video systems with a user-friendly control interface.

Collaboration Tools

  Crestron provides out-of-the-box, scalable videoconferencing solutions to suit every need.

Enterprise Management System

  Centralizing management, monitoring, and control is easy with a Crestron Enterprise Management System. Remotely troubleshoot systems, turn off lights for energy efficiency, and much more on one easy-to-use platform.


  Crestron audio systems feature simple source control and distribution. High-resolution audio and high-definition speakers deliver a robust audio experience in any or many classrooms, lecture halls, and common spaces.

Touch Screens

  Specially designed room scheduling touch screens optimize room booking and usage across your campus. Book an ad hoc meeting, remove a lecture that ended early from the calendar, and set up office hours on a recurring weekly schedule – all from the touch screen’s intuitive interface.